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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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now at ten... get ready for a wet and soggy easter sunday.... a series of storms are about to hit the bay area... and may ruin your plans..(justine) taking a live look at futurecast showing us just how much rain we're going to get.(jr stone) thanks for joining us, i'm jr stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman... meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us to explain just how much rain we're going to see tomorrow. lawrence karnow: it was a
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beautiful start to the weekend. temperatures were much warmer and we even had a few 70s. but you probably noticed the high clouds moving in as well. that's the first sign of the storm off of the coast. doppler radar still shows that we remain dry but you can see the storm headed our way. if you have outdoor plans on easter than you should prepare for a few raindrops and cool temperatures. we'll have a closer look at your holiday forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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(justine) our other top story tonight.... bloody violence breaks out ááagain in the streets of berkeley during trump protests..... hundreds of trump supporters and anti-trump protesters gathered at martin luther king - civic center park to demonstrate free speech. dozens of people got hurt, and several others were arrested... kron four's spencer blake was there during the protests, and gives us a look at the fights, the yelling, and the blood... and some of the things he saw, might be disturbing to some viewers. (boom)thirty or 40 of these smoke bombs went off during the course of dueling protests in berkeley saturdayand they weren't coming from police."i saw a couple of smoke bombs that way. somebody got pepper sprayed."one person even got hit with bear spray.a police
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officer was treated for gas inhalation, and should be fine. there was a medic area set up for people who came out of scuffles hurt."communists from the left! you are evil people!" we even saw people who showed up to the rally with mouthguards and facemasksas if they áexpected to get t hi in the face."i was hit on the head with sticks and pepper sprayed. and punched and stuff."the heated exchange between these two guys could have gone differently. apparently the man with the beard had been sharing his opiniong verbally, while other people on his side of the rallywere throwing things at the opposing side.the man in the black beanie, who says he was here to support free spech, had wanted to thank the other man for not getting violent. "what i was gonna tell him was, 'hey, ya know what? even though you and i don't agree, i wish there was more people like you on your side, because you're actually willing to engage in ideas. i got about three words out and he called me a nazi and a fascist."an hour or so later, we ran into the same manthis time with blood running down his face."i had to run in. there was like three of them; there was just me."though police from berkeley and
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oakland were lined up in several areas, many people wondered why they didn't stop the boxing matches that were happening in the street.though police had tried to be proactive by banning sticks, rocks, shields, and other items that could be weaponized, the rules of the rally didn't hold up long. police arrested at least 21, 11 reported injuries arrests. in berkeley, spencer blake, kron four news. (jr stone) we have team coverage tonight on the bloody demonstrations in berkeley... kron four's philippe djegal shows us another angle of the bitter sides pitted against each other. (philippe)nats- "you're a fááááág white male." the discourse wasn't civil...nats- "and, if you don't starting shutting it up, we're going to take your fááááág. a fascist is in charge. you're a fááááág retard." one could argue the often vulgar discussions were irrational.nats- "you're a fááááág white male. yeah, i'm a white male. white male." caucasians blasting one another for not being on the same political side...nats- "get it, get it, get it." an african american woman strips an asian american woman of her american flag... upset over the woman's
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allegiance to president donald trump.sot- "(philippe) does it bother you more because she's a minority? (woman) absolutely. it makes shameful that you are not listening to what he's doing to our people. you have brown skin. brown skin. (other woman) my skin doesn't mean anything. i'm an american. i'm an american. (woman) but girl, when your family starts to get affected by it then, what? (other woman) my family came from a communist country, and my parents are very strong trump supporters and they do not want our country to become a communist country and they see us going down that slippery slope."nats- boom in and around civic center park, protestors threw m-80's into the crowd. we were forced to take cover several times. nats- "fáák." we spoke with this trump supporter who wandered into the anti-trump crowd...sot- "those are the fascists. they call me a fascist -- i ain't no racist. i ain't no racist, i ain't no fascist. i think everyone here
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should have a speech, but i don't think any of us should be touching each other." just minutes later... a fight broke out... and, the same man who denounced violence walked away with a bloody face.sot- "yeah, a rock hit me in the face -- it was cool. this is what we came here for. get out of here now." and, he wasn't the only one brusied and battered. all part of an ugly morning and afternoon in berkeley. nats- "fááááág racists. that's all you guys are." philippe djegal, kron four news. (jr stone) it is unclear tonight what caused dozens of cars to catch on fire in the east bay ... this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news... the fire at "insurance auto auction" on stevenson boulevard in fremont ..started around 4 today. the fremont fire department tells us ... the fire spread quickly from car to car. in all 35 cars burned... in what was a car lot fire. investigators are still working to determine how the fire started. (jr stone) and a house in
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los altos completely destroyed after it caught on fire. you're looking at video that was sent to us by a kron-4 viewer... the fire broke out around four at a two-story house on casita way. witnesses say neighbors alerted a mother and her two kids who were inside the home. they managed to get out before the fire spread. crews are investigating the cause of the fire and belive it started in the garage. (justine) happening now... with more coming rain... people in pacifica are worried tonight after yet ááanother cliff collapsed.... and this isn't the first time this part of pacifica collapsed into the beach below... back in 19-98... a dozen homes fell over the cliff because of the eroding coastline. neighbors say they understand the erosion but they don't think the city is doing enough to slow the process. kron4's lydia pantazes is live in pacifica... to show us just how bad is it out there now.
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(lydia live)we know it happened at about can see this area is all blocked off...the cliff collapsed right in front of that bench... (pkg)it's an eerie reminder of the eroding coastline in pacifica...."i noticed the caution tape and i immediately came over and took a look."a reminder that makes gwen urie who lives just across from the area... a little nervous."this has obviously been kind of a long slow process but to see the pathway go down was a little scary."neighbors say the cliff collapsed at around 1pm on saturday.... people we spoke with say there was at least four feet of coastline in front of this bench that is now gone. erin long-scott "there is a little cringe, you know, we've been, when we came home and saw how bad it is we were just talk my boyfriend and i how depressed it makes us."the cliff collapsed is in the same area where the city bought and removed 12-homes... this is the scene from 1998
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when 30-feet of cliff fell away from the side of those a result the homes were removed and a trail was put in their place.two homes still remain... but those homes have also been bought by the city and are vacant."so you can see down here the big boulders are actually an engineered revetment wall but they have slid out of place as the top of the bluff has eroded."but neighbors say the revetments wall is not being maintained...."they said that they would maintain the tip rap to bring it back up and we've noticed all the rip rap, instead of it being against the wall of the cliff edge is now out and tumbled in, so there's no protection between the ocean and the cliff edge." for people like gwen urich... who is looking at selling... the collapse couldn't come at a worse time."to finally make the decision to sell and then to have this happen is pretty scary so for me it's a scary thing financially to think
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about how that might affect the value of my house." there are still two homes that need to be removed from this can actually see areas where concrete has fallen from the homes to the ocean below.reporting live in pacifica, lydia pantazes kron4 news. sot: 06/him up"i don't think he would have hit her. all the times i seen it she was always beating him up." (jr stone) a bizarre story out of the north bay.... held her against her will and raped... that is what one teen girl is saying her boyfriend did to her...(justine) the man was arrested friday night... but neighbors news - the suspect was instead abused by the teen girl.(jr stone) kron 4's ella sogomonian is live at the santa rosa police station with details on the allegations. ella,what are officers saying about this case? santa rosa police say the truth won't be known for sure until detectives continue the
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investigation but for now say there was enough evidence to make an arrest. a call came through from worried parents to santa rosa police that their teen daughter was allegedly held against her will and raped inside this apartment. but she warned them he would kill her if police arrived. "lining the streets like they were looking for something but i had no idea what was really going on." "wait a minute there was two more right there. and it looked like they were waiting for someone to run."friday night they showed up to the building on billie jean street and knocked on the door.the girl ran out to police and they arrested her boyfriend 28- year-old norman tapia.he faces one felony count of domestic battery, false imprisonment, and unlawful sex with a minor. but neighbors were stunned by the allegations. "i've heard him say for her to leave. which she never wanted to leave. they'd take off in a car. i mean she drove a burgundy truck. she had many opportunities to leave. i mean she was never held against her will."they say in the last
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month they've only seen the reverse of the story. claiming the girl constantly abused him. "the times i'd seen it, it was always her beating him up. all the time. so she could have done that to her own self to protect herself if anything should happen."santa rosa police say tapia had an outstanding warrant for an arrest out of scotts valley for forcible rape of the same victim. tapia is behing held in sonoma county jail on a $375 thousand dollar bail. police say it is the job of investigators to talk with any witnesses and if contradicting information comes to light the charges he faces could potentially be dropped. live in santa rosa ella sogomonian kron 4 news. (jr stone) coming up on kron4 news at ten... united airlines is making some big changes after video of a man being dragged off a flight went viral. find out what the airlines is doing now to make sure this does not happen
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again. (justine) plus...a missing woman from sacramento is found dead... why police believe her roommatehad something to do with her death..(jr stone) and after the break... a bay area drug company... caught in a court battle with the state of arkansas... we'll tell you the legal battle that's underway to prevent one of its drugs from being used to execute inmates. (vo) love. i got it. i gotcha baby. (vo) it's being there when you're needed most. love is knowing... he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru.
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pharmaceutical company... is in the midst of fighting the state of arkansas in court ...over one its drugs that could be used to execute inmates. today, a major development .... first some background, the arkansas prison system bought the drug from san francisco based mckesson ...saying it would be used for medical purposes. mckesson has argued the drug was not supposed to be used for capital punishment in the first place. several inmates were scheduled for lethal injection at the end of this month, because the drug was set to expire. on friday, a federal judge sided with mckesson and put a halt to nine executions. today, the state's attorney general asked the state supreme court to lift the block on the executions. one of the inmates is scheduled to die on monday... (jr stone) new details coming in tonight in regards to north korea. one day after kim jong un showed off an array of the countries new
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missles and launchers at a large scale military parade...the u.s. and south korea now say an attempted missile launch today by north korea has failed. defense officials in south korea say the action took place in sinpo, a port city in eastern north korea. that is the same location where a missle was tested earlier this month. that missile landed in the sea of japan. this is video from the parade that celebrated the 105 birthday of the countries founder. but again the u.s. says a projectile missile was fired by north korea and it failed. (justine) united airlines is making a policy change after one of its passengers was dragged off a plane. earlier this week doctor david dao was forced out of his seat because a crew member needed it. the 69-year-old says he suffered a concussion and a broken nose....broke a couple of teeth....has damage to his sinuses....and might need
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reconstructive surgery. he's planning to file a lawsuit against united.(wipe to policy vo) (justine) now... the airline says it will now require staff and crew to check in at least 60 minutes before a flight. the airlines wants to avoid future backlash when it asks passengers to give up their seat for a united worker. it is legal to bump a ticket- holding customer off a flight, but typically not once they've already boarded. united says this policy will ensure employees are seated before the plane fills up. (jr stone) turning our attention to weather... it's going to be a cold and wet easter sunday.(justine) joining us now is meteorologist lawrence karnow.
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lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the weekend. temperatures were much warmer and we even had a few 70s. but you probably noticed the high clouds moving in as well. that's the first sign of the storm off of the coast. doppler radar still shows that we remain dry but you can see the storm headed our way. if you're going out tonight it will remain dry and a little breezy near the coast. clouds will continue to move in and on easter sunday it looks like rain. on the satellite picture you can see high pressure that brought us the nice start to our weekend. but that swirl of clouds is the storm that will bring more rain our way. our latest computer model shows the storm clouds moving in tomorrow moring. we could showers as
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early as 8 am in the north bay and then picking up toward noon. it will mostly be light showers but if you're planning an easter egg hunt outdoors, you may want to bring an umbrella and a warm coat too. highs will be much cooler too and only in the 50s to low 60s. more rain is possible over the next 7 days. there's a chance of a few showers on monday and a better chance monday night and tuesday. dry and warmer weather is expected by the end of the week.
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(jr stone) missing for days... a sacramento woman found dead in placer county. and now-- police are questioning the victim's roommate.. in connection with her murder. deputies are not releasing the name of the roommate... but say he's a convicted felon- on probation and that he was arrested two nights ago for unlawful possession of a gun. reporter dana griffin explains how they're now waiting to see if forensic evidence ties him to her murder. live copter 3 shows the rural area of placer county where sheriff deputies found 28-year-old janet mejia-shot dead.deputies say their missing persons unit received information that led them to a roadway near watt avenue and dyer lane.tony turnbull/sacrame nto county sheriff's department "at this point in time, there's no indication that she was shot out there on the roadway. we believe that she was probably left there. we
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are still trying to confirm a crime scene." sacramento county deputies are clearing up the timeline after learning new information about mejia's last whereabouts. tony turnbull/sacramento county sheriff's department"we know she left stockton and never made it to work, again, very unlike her. and at the point in time, contact with anybody." they say she was actually last seen monday morning after leaving her parent's house in stockton.not tuesday as initially reported and now deputies say evidence points to one of the roommates.tony turnbull/sacramento county sheriff's department"it appeared that, that person probably had the opportunity and a lot of things were adding up against him."police believe only one roommate is involved but the motive is unclear.tony turnbull/sacrame nto county sheriff's department "any taking of a this, this is senseless." (jr stone) the coroner's office is doing a thorough autopsy and should have more information when those results come back. (justine) union city police are looking for the man they say tried to car-jack a person.. this happened during the overnight hours on friday april 7th near union city boulevard and whipple road... authorities say while the victim was stopped
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at a red light... the suspet walked up to the driver's side door and pointed a gun at him. authorities say the victim drove away and was able to get home safely. the suspect is described as a white or middle eastern man with a light complexion. he is around 20 years-old with a thin build and stands between five-foot-eight and five-foot-ten inches tall. (justine) coming up... police release the 9-1-1 tapes from the murder-suicide at an elementary school in san bernardino... hear the dramatic moments after the shooting...(jr stone) and after the break... how the city of boston commemorated the anniversary of the tragic marathon bombing...
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bells ringing(áájustineáá) that bell marked the exact time bombs exploded at
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the boston marathon four years ago today. the city commemorated the anniversary of the tragic event today with a moment of silence. three people were killed and more than 260 others were wounded by the bombs planted near the finish line. today is also "one boston day"-- when people are encouraged to honor the victims by doing random acts of kindness. volunteers also planted thousands of daffodils along the marathon course in solidarity. (jr stone) the special needs teacher. shot and killed at a san bernardino school. was rembered with a vigil today. rod smith sang a very emotional song that his mother, karen smith taught him. smith was one of three people murdered at north park elementary school monday. smith was killed by her estranged husband 53- year-old cedric anderson. police say anderson walked into her classroom and opened fire. killing smith, and an eight-year-old student.
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a nine-year-old student was also injured. smith was a mother of four adult children. including her daughter who's also a teacher...perso nal stories were also shared at the vigil. (sot) my mom went from the mom i loved to my mom the best friend as we went through the credential program together to become teachers. according to friends at the vigil. anderson shot his estranged wife after she moved out. the couple married in january and separated in the middle of march. (justine) and for the first time. police are releasing 9-1-1 calls from the deadly san bernardino school shooting. police released the chilling recordings just yesterday. just days after the shooter killed two people, and injured another... before pulling the trigger on himself. two teachers aids and 13 students successfully left the scene. 911 responders urged all callers not to hang
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up and to "hold on". as they transferred the calls to school district police. (sot) nine-year- old nolan brandy...who was wounded in the attack... was released from the hospital ...and is back home with his family tonight. (jr stone) still ahead... san francisco's high profile public defender... who is known for his tough positions in challenging cases.. is also a filmmaker ... tonght -- we look at one of his documentaries.(justine) and after the break... demonstrators across the u-s took to the streets today for an anti-trump tax day march... calling for president trump to release his tax returns. (justine) (justine) now at 10:30...
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april 15th has always been tax day.. but this saturday it was all about the 'tax march'... thousands of people across the country taking part in planned protests .. hoping to put the pressure on president donald trump to make good on a campaign promise and release his tax returns. you're looking at rallies that took place in los angeles, new york and chicago.... every president and presidential nominee has made their tax returns public for the past 40 years... but president trump has failed to do so ..despite saying he would following an audit during the 20-16 elections and again following the release of hillary clintion's email scandal.. rep. maxine waters / -d- ca: "we march today because while donald trump thinks he is distracting us we came to hold number 45 and his administration accountable. (cheers) mos: "this is something we want to see him
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do is release his taxes." butt sot "it's just an integrity thing, you know? because we were in the military, we were required to show any and every bit of information about ourselves and it showed our integrity and our commitment." (justine) president trump has said americans "don't care at all" about his tax returns... but polls show nearly 75-percent of americans believe he should release them. (jr stone) in san francisco, thousands turned out for the march. the protest at city hall was led by california democrats... including congresswoman nancy pelosi. kron 4's hermela aregawi was there and picks up the story. the message was clear..the people that attended the rally tell me they want to see the returns..because they believe the returns will show that
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president trump has conflicts of interests.. especially where russia is involved.rep. nancy pelosi/d/california: donald trump must release his tax returns!congresswoman nancy pelosi was the keynote speaker at the rally.joined by supervisor jane kimand san francisco native and author of the making of donald trump david k johnston.david cay johnson/author, the making of donald trumpdonald, russian bribes are not tax deductible thousands showed up with hand made signs.and one message. jessica redford/indivisible sf: we're here today to demand that trump show his tax returns. we want to know whether he has any conflict of interest or if there's anything else in his financial history that would basically disqualify him for roll of president.anca mosoiu/wants trump tax returns released: whether he's getting money from russia or has loans out in various countries where america has interest. what's happening now is there is a division between people that can get away with stuff and the rest of us. its just not right.allyson west/indvisible lake merritt: i feel that somebody who leads our country should be honest with the people that he or she should be serving and i'd be willing to share my tax returns so i'm not sure why he would not be willing to share his tax
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returns.barbara west/wants trump tax returns released: this is actually the most improtant thing we can do in terms of getting him out is to try to get him to show his taxes, get the the fbi to subpoena his taxespolls show more than half of americans want to see the president's tax returns.and more than a million people have signed a white house petition asking for them.but some people are skeptical they'll ever see the light of daymike wardynski/ i lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the weekend. temperatures were much warmer and we even had a few 70s. but you probably noticed the high clouds moving in as well. that's the first sign of the storm off of the coast. doppler radar still shows that we remain dry but you can see the storm headed our way. if you have outdoor plans on easter than you should prepare for a few raindrops and cool temperatures. we'll have a closer look at your holiday forecast coming up in a few minutes. (justine) in the courtroom by day. documentary film maker by night. jeff adachi is well known as san francisco's public defender. but his passion outside of the court
10:35 pm
is our kron4' indepth story tonight. our very own pam moore talked with adachi about why he is so drawn to making movies. - san francisco's progressive public defender...'there is obviously a disconnect between what sfpd says its doing and what's happening out there on the streets" - jeff adachi... 'this is a person who is committed to expressing his bias " - track - ... has been described as tough.. passionate.. a fighter.. and a pain.. and as a champion for people who rarely have one ... but, he is also an award
10:36 pm
winning filmmaker.. and his latest film is about his work as a defender... (justine) adachi's parents and grandparents were sent to japanese internment camps during world war two. he says learning about that as a
10:37 pm
child, taught him, that justice is something you have to fight for.. a message that has stayed with him all his life. his big concern now is getting public defenders for the immigrant community threatened with deportation by the trump administration. adachi's passions in the courtroom have moved to the movie house... the first public screening of "defender" was this afternoon at the castro theater as francisco international film festival...
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(jr stone) coming up... it's a story that was seen by millions across the u-s... a popular giraffe in upstate new york finally gives birth to a new baby calf.(jr stone) and coming up next... find out why lettuce prices are on the rise...
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. (jr stone) one of your favorite burger toppings may cost you more in grocery stores. heavy winter rains have caused a lettuce shortage.
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at the beginning of the year lettuce prices were much lower. a case would cost you 20 bucks... now prices have nearly doubled. farmers can't get out to the fields to farm because of the rain. many are hoping that the rains subside. cornelio diaz/head cook, sylvestors burger: "we do have to reuse some of it so the good lettuce we don't use for the set ups we go ahead and chop and mix with our romaine. we are always hoping the prices go down so the prices don't have to go up".(jr stone) while customers are being affected by a lettuce price hike, some believe farmers actually want this shortage to continue because it's benefiting them financially. (justine) still ahead... find out why chico police officers were cleared of any wrong-doing in shooting death of a 25-year-old man.(lawrence) (jr stone) ahead in sports....
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the clouds are moving in and the rain is not far behind. we'll have the holiday forecast next. nobody told me to expect it. intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. it's not likely to go away on its own. it took my most honest friend to help me do something about it. she told me premarin vaginal cream can help. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue
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and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual vaginal bleeding, breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ♪ ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. (justine) the police
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involved in the fatal shooting of desmond phillips in chico... have been cleared. reporter hayley skene explains why the officers will not face charges. the two chico police officers who shot and killed desmond phillips of chico are back on the force today, after the butte county district attorney's investigation finds no evidence of criminal actions.district attorney mike ramsey presented the details of the investigation, establishing that phillips has had a history in the past year
10:45 pm
alone of several "5150" arrests in which he became a danger to himself and others. on march 17th, 2017 the evidence seemed to show the same scenario leading up to his death.officers jeremy gagnebin, alec fliehr and jarrod cumber entered the home at father david phillip's pleas for help; their first move was to use a taser gun. more evidence showed that the taser was tried again, the second time, no charge was getting through, and officers fired at close range. department of justice investigators also did find the two knives, one where desmond first fell when tased, the other nearby.they also found a piece of doorframe that desmond reportedly slashed at officers with upon regaining his stance after being tased.chico police chief mike o'brien says this incident highlights a mental health crisis in the community that needs to be addressed. both officers have been put
10:46 pm
back on active duty at the chico police department. (justine) this comes just days after two san francisco officers were cleared of the fatal shooting of amilcar perez lopez in 20-15. (jr stone) turning our attention to weather... it's going to be a
10:47 pm
cold and wet easter sunday. (justine) joining us now is meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful start to the weekend. temperatures were much warmer and we even had a few 70s. but you probably noticed the high clouds moving in as well. that's the first sign of the storm off of the coast. doppler radar still shows that we remain dry but you can see the storm headed our way. if you're going out tonight it will remain dry and a little breezy near the coast. clouds will continue to move in and on easter sunday it looks like rain. on the satellite picture you can see high pressure that brought us the nice start to our weekend. but that swirl of clouds is the storm that will bring more rain our way. our latest
10:48 pm
computer model shows the storm clouds moving in tomorrow moring. we could showers as early as 8 am in the north bay and then picking up toward noon. it will mostly be light showers but if you're planning an easter egg hunt outdoors, you may want to bring an umbrella and a warm coat too. highs will be much cooler too and only in the 50s to low 60s. more rain is possible over the next 7 days. there's a chance of a few showers on monday and a better chance monday night and tuesday. dry and warmer weather is expected by the end of the week.
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(jr stone)we are getting closer and closer to warriors playoff basketball. cheapest tickets on the warriors site a little over a hundred bucks. on stub hub they are going for just over 200. durant was asked about being the warriors being the heavy favorites. he is not underestimating this portland team. trt: :56oc: last yearthese guys are nba players and it is hard as hell to be an nba playerit's hard. it's hard to be a playoff team one through 8 it's hard. no matter how easy people think it is it is hard. it's just hard.we gotta respect them that's the name of the game.we
10:51 pm
are better than we were a year ago. our record may not show it. playoffs are a little different. we know what is coming. we know defenses are going to be tougher more physical. to have that threat and be able to go with him at key times that is something we didn't have last year. that was steve kerr refering to having kevin durant. a big day in bay area baseball. we start at at&t park jackie robinson day means everyone wears number 42. third inning not looking good. nolan arenado says see yaaaathat ball is gone.1 to zero rockies.matt moore did not look good for the giants.
10:52 pm
gave up 10 hits and 5 earned runs. walked three on the day. rockies would go on to win this thing 5 to zero. on the flipside tyler chatwood who pitched for the giants gave up just two hits on the day. the two teams are back at at&t some more bad news for the san francisco giants. left fielder jarrett parker catches this line shot but slams into the wall as he does it in the fourth inning. word tonight is that parker suffered a broken right collarbone. bruce bochy didn't put an exact timetable on the injury but he is out and he is out for sometime. giants left fielders have been struggling all season long at the plate. parker was hitting under 150 on the season. we jump across the bay. the oakland athletics started red hot in this one. went up 5 to zero. sean manaea had a no hitter going through half the game but in the sixth it all went down the drain. houston
10:53 pm
astros would come back. they'd come back and win this thing ten to six. important to note..a's leftfielder khris davis hit a homerun. he has six on the year. (justine vo) a pregnant giraffe who became an internet sensation... gave birth today... what is next for mom and her newborn... (áájr stoneáá) he is
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10:56 pm
finally here....the wait is over... a popular giraffe in upstate new york has a new baby boy.(áájustineáá) april the giraffe gave birth this morning, with more than one million people watching it on the zoo's youtube livestream. we even had the livestream on our kron 4 news facebook page this morning.... the 15-year- old new mom lives at "the animal adventure park" a private zoo....about two hours
10:57 pm
from new york city. her fans have been waiting for weeks in anticipation of her having a baby. april will raise the baby boy, but he will be moved elsewhere in upto 10-months. the zoo says it will have a contest to decide on a name for the calf. . (justine) get ready for... yet another round of wet weather...(jr stone) taking a look at furturecast4... showing us the amount rain we're about to see on easter sunday...(justine) your complete forecast... coming up on kron4 news at 11...
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